Fat vs. Muscle



There is a good chance that you have heard that fat weighs more than muscle.

But did you ever wonder just how big the difference is?

The answer might surprise you.

On this page you will find pictures showing several images of fat and muscle that are identical in terms of weight, but not in terms of size!


As you can see from the image above five pounds of fat is about three times as large as five pounds of muscle!

The comparison between fat and muscle is sometimes explained in terms of fruit.

Five pounds of fat is about the same amount as three grapefruit, whereas five pounds of muscle takes up about the same amount of space as three tangerines.


Since muscle and fat weigh different amounts it is important not to make your weight a determining factor in your physical fitness, unless putting on solid pounds of muscle is your goal.

I weigh over 220 pounds and many people consider me thin, and yet I weigh more than some of my friends who are noticeably out of shape.

Instead of striving for an arbitrary number on a scale, strive for a body that you are proud to look at in the mirror.

If you are exercising regularly and putting on weight you should smile since this likely means that you are packing on solid and strong muscle mass.

Curious about other exercise myths?

Check out the infographic below which contains information about ten different exercise myths!


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